Southeastern Origin & Cause (SEO&C) specializes in investigating fire and explosion events. Our staff of professionals will provide a timely inspection and a verbal report from the scene. Any continuing investigation will be coordinated closely with the client. Fire scene evidence will be documented and protected with photography, video, and preservation of hard evidence. SEO&C investigators are prompt, professionally, and highly qualified.

SEO&C's investigators are qualified to provide expert analysis for fires and explosions involving structures, vehicles, off road equipment, and transportation equipment. Our investigators take advantage of continuing education courses, and hold certifications which include IAAI-CFI (International Association of Arson Investigators), CFI (certified fire investigator), CFEI (certified fire & explosion investigator), and CVFI (certified vehicle fire investigator).

Southeastern Origin & Cause can assist with:

  • Recovery from Responsible Parties
  • Protection from Liability Exposure
  • Incendiary Fires
  • Failure Analysis
  • Building Code Issues

Our Services

Our services include:

  • Origin and Cause Investigations
  • Subrogation and Recovery Support
  • Evidence Retrieval and Storage
  • Background Investigations
  • Expert Witness Testimony

We specialize in:

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Residential Dwellings
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Big Trucks
  • Specialty Equipment


Our Service Area

We provide services in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee.